works in Progress

This page contains a list of projects and ideas that I am currently working on and are under construction. If you wish to know more information about any of these projects, please don't hesitate to reach out and connect!


T Makes Stuff: Chronicles of how I satiate my boredom--by making stuff.

Chemistry?! What the Hell?!: Chemistry?! What the Hell?! Is a YouTube series designed to help students master the core concepts of chemistry (Writing is in progress).

Science Communication: Short essays written by science communicators on why their work or research is important. Columns written by avid learners of all types on where and how education and science education has aided them to transform the world.

The Science and Sound of Music: Interactive module formed for Georgia State University's Bio-Bus program to target K-12 students and stimulate excitement for science.

Chemistry as a Language (College): Supplementary class for non-chemistry majors/Prerequisite class for students interested in chemistry. [Writing in Progress]